Gruinard Bay stroll

We drove 5 minutes from the house this evening and took a walk on a deserted little beach overlooking Gruinard Bay. It’s a lovely spring evening with the sun setting over The Minch.

The walk down to the beach from the parking area on the A832 passes the ruins of what looks like an old crofting village with stone sheep pens & possibly what looks to be old Lazybeds, we will have to find out a bit more about these ruins.

We disturbed a couple of waders but had forgotten to bring the binoculars so we didn’t manage to see what they were. Must remember to leave a pair of binoculars in the car because you never know what you might see on your travels along the West coast of Scotland. We know that from time to time that otters have been seen on this beach.

There was clear evidence of somebody having a barby recently and why wouldn’t you? On a clear, sunny day tucked away in the dunes with just yourselves and the wildlife for company.


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