Windy!!!!!! Of Gorse it is!

We took a walk along the picturesque Inverianvie River at Gruinard Bay last week, the sun was out as well as the lovely smelling Gorse (or Windy as it is known in these parts!!)

IMG_0135For a couple of hundred metres the path alongside the river was a tad overgrown………..

But it soon opened up to reveal the beautiful scenery and Charlie seemed to enjoy his light refreshment!

Further along the path the waterfall appears through the trees, it was pretty tame after the recent dry spell but none the less impressive.

We had a feeling of being watched at one point but it was just bernard the friendly rock face!!!!!!!  (i’m thinking the recent hot weather may be affecting me!)

We didn’t venture further than the waterfall this time but the path does continue along the river (with abit of a rock hugging) to another waterfall & over the hills to meet Gruinard River & Loch na Sealga.


Heading back to the beach there was plenty of Bog Cotton on display & some Gorse had managed to find an unusual home.

Below is the the bridge over Inverianvie River with a very strategically placed tree trunk, probably used by the local Pine Marten population.


Over the last week we have seen on 3 separate occasions White Tailed Sea Eagles, the first was over Aultbea just on the outskirts of the village, the second which was being hounded by a crow was near Laide wood heading towards Slaggan Beach and the third, pictured below, flew right over the house heading towards Aultbea.

They always stop us in our tracks no matter how many times we see them. The Eagle really was high in the sky & directly above our heads so unfortunately the photo isn’t great quality but the white tail is visible.

We have seen them several times now near the house so who knows there could be a nest near by.


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