What to do??? Euro 2016 or Tiny Plover Chicks??


Mmmmmmm, it was a tough decision……………

Wandered down to Laide Beach & these gorgeous little chicks were scampering about, they are only a few days old and they still have a slight wobble about them.

Mum was on her guard & came to check me out but i stayed a good distance away (hence the slightly fuzzy pics!)

A Sandpiper was milling around fluffing out his chest, he wasn’t too happy with me being there either.



The little Plover chicks are so well camouflaged it was pretty difficult to find them sometimes. Thankfully no Gulls had spotted them whilst i was there so the camouflage is working so far.

We have been having some really great sunsets of late. Here’s just a snippet (and none of these images has had any colour alteration!!!)…..

And just one more thing…. this little fella was having a munch in someones garden near Mellon Udrigle Beach!


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