It’s a hectic life being a seal

Today we walked the Mellon Udrigle Circuit, a favourite walk around a headland that has fantastic views of the North West Mountains, the Summer Isles, Loch Broom and Achiltibuie and the Western Isles. We keep hoping to see Dolphins or Whales in the Minch from this headland but unfortunately we keep missing out. I think on our next visit we shall have to have some chairs, the telescope & a picnic in our possession! oh and leave Barky Barketon snoozing as home!!

We had a little company throughout the walk, these little chaps  were also taking advantage of the beautiful October sunshine and enjoying a lazy Sunday afternoon


The seal in the water was a curious one, he would bob in the water watching us and then would swim a little closer to get a better look but would then tootle off with several backward glances, i’m not sure if it was the clicking of the camera that spooked him or the whining of the impatient spaniel!

I couldn’t resist taking photo’s of these amazing shapes in the sand.

Beach Trees!!! get it…… Beech Trees!

A few days ago we went for a stroll along Gruinard beach. The day had been a beautiful sunny, cloudless day so we thought we would catch the sun going down. It was a cracker.


Until next time.


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