A stunning week in Wester Ross

If you’ve been driving the North Coast 500 this week what a treat you’ve had. The local beaches have been showing themselves off and the turquoise waters have been a snorkelers and canoeists paradise.


We took advantage of a spare couple of hours and headed to Gruinard Beach to dip our toes in the soft white sand.

IMG_3596Looking down onto the beaches was breathtaking, the west coast of Scotland has some of the most amazing coastline. Whilst we were admiring the view a Cuckoo was singing away somewhere in the trees.


Lots of wild Primroses growing by the sand dunes and the odd Dune Brittlestem Funghi popping out of the sand in the dunes.

The sand dunes really are impressive and were a lovely little sun trap, the perfect spot for a picnic.


After the snow of last week (yep just 10 days ago!!) we are now in shorts & flip flops …. Long may it continue.

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