An Cois Na Mara’s rock garden – or more accurately garden of rocks!

This photo of the ‘garden’ was taken in October 2015. We’ve been pretty busy over the winter months trying to get it looking somewhere near a respectable garden.


Hopefully the hard work has paid off. 99% of the rocks we unearthed by hand so to make use of some of them we created some gabions (which managed to stay upright on our second attempt at building them). It’s good to have the unwanted cairns dismantled from around the garden!

Now all we need to do is keep the deer out of the garden & away from the plants & veggies!!!!


The bench overlooking the pond and the planted area is a lovely peaceful spot to admire the view and listen to the waves or read a book with the birds chirping in the background.

There are lots of old weathered tree roots in this area which came from the heavy peaty ground of a local croft.



The veggies have just gone into the ground after cluttering up the potting shed for the last couple of months. We are undecided whether or not to go scarecrow or no scarecrow, it would probably have to be an electrified, shotgun wielding, shrieking scarecrow to keep the deer away!

Fingers crossed the fruit bushes will make it through the summer and we’ll have some lovely compote to dish up at breakfast.


It’s been another fantastic day, perfect for heading to the beach for some rock pooling or shell collecting or seal watching.


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