A White Wester Ross

Waking up to a snowy scene is a wonderful thing.

Breakfast demolished in record time, winter warmers layered on & out of the door before you could say ‘Rise and Shine’!


IMG_5543The bird feeder has been topped up ready for the influx.


The wild teasel & grasses look lovely with a little coating of snowiness


Along the path to the beach and the sky opens up to betray a sign in the distance of what’s heading our way.IMG_5548



The shoreline is a mass of froth & foam & sea spray as the breakers creep in and unleash their chilly surge on the sands.IMG_5557



Sail Mhor and An Teallach hidden away under a cloudy blanket. The mountain Hares and Ptarmigan content to be camouflaged from the circling EaglesIMG_5581


Behind us the sun drenched waves crash onto Udrigle beach as the wind sweeps over their crestsIMG_5595


Ahead of us the forbidding sky hovers, awaiting the perfect time to unload it’s next shower of winterIMG_5584


Perfect winter jacket! a tad on the itchy side maybeIMG_5602


7,8,9,10……. ready or not!IMG_5607


Blue sky gleams over the frosted sandIMG_5618


The turquoise hue of the water briefly shimmers as a wave arcs before the whitecaps curl and thunder onto the swell beneath IMG_5627


Whirling waters pummel and smooth the obliging rocksIMG_5640


In creeps the darkness to threaten with another wintry onslaught IMG_5636



Gradually the beach side homes are consumed by the approaching blizzardIMG_5655

With hats pulled down as far as they can go and scarves up to our noses, we’re ready for a short snowy tussle ….. then home to a log fire and mulled wine