Blue skies and frozen lochans – A walk to Fionn Loch

A spectacular walk for a spectacular day. Fionn Loch which is known as The White Loch, is approximately 5 miles from Drumchork in Aultbea and the walk begins with a wonderful view over the village.


The track is pretty much a level and wide track all the way to the loch but cattle are a regular feature for the first mile of this walk as their feeding stations are alongside the track. They have churned up the ground and in places it’s very wet and boggy so it is one to be done on either a frosty day or after a considerable dry spell.

Today was beautifully clear & frosty so the ground was very hard a perfect day for negotiating the boggy areas.

5 minutes into the walk we had the pleasure of meeting a fearsome looking bull  just 10 metres from the track & gate, we were undecided at first whether or not to continue but we decided we were close enough to the gate to make a run for it & climb over if needed, luckily we had caught him on a good day and he just glared at us as we scampered by.

Once past the cattle area the views open up and the scattering of lochans are a treat to walk alongside.



The frosty start to the day meant the lochans had an ice sheet on their surface making the water completely still, not a ripple could be seen, no streams were nearby trickling water into the lochan, not a breath of wind was felt, there were no birds chirping, not a sound could be heard it was utterly serene.


The photo above and below is Loch a’ Bhaid-Luachraich known as Goose Loch with Baosbheinn ‘The Wizards Mountain’ in the distance


The frozen surface of the lochs looks like it is crying out to be skated on but happily we’re not daft enough to test the thickness of the ice.


The loch side track meanders through the moorland with the snow dusted Beinn Airigh Charr (on the right in the picture below) which translates as ‘The Rough Shieling Hill’ appears in the distance.



The photo below is just the northern tip of the beautiful Fionn Loch. With the sun beating down onto the frozen surface and the mountains surrounding the loch it’s a really wonderful and remote spot to spend a peaceful afternoon.


On the return journey we were treated to a soaring Golden Eagle circling over the moorland just above Aultbea and being harassed by a brave Buzzard.


Just 4 days later the blue skies departed and Siberia sent this our way ….


Laide wood – A winter wonderland.






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