Picnic time at Laide beach for a hungry Otter

After a couple of days of constant snow showers, things were calmer today so we were able to venture out and popped down to the beach.

The aim was to take a few snowy snaps of the mountains, so as the tide was fully out we hopped onto the rocks to get a little further out into the bay


and what did we find …..


this little chap (or chapess) was devouring a recent catch



The local otters have been quite active in and around the bay of late, we were fortunate to have the camera with us on this occasion.



Further along the beach the waterfall had frozen



and the icicles were in abundance


Hopefully the local otters will continue to find food easily in this freezing weather and we’ll continue to get regular sightings over the coming months.


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  1. Dear John & Louise, I am very happy about your kind comment on Fotohabitate! You live in such a beautiful landscape and it’s a great pleasure for me to show this other people.
    I really hope to come back to Scotland and for sure we will see us again! I wish you a great season with many nice guests! Simone

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