Greenstone Point ramble

The coastline of Opinan and Mellon Udrigle is a serene and tranquil place but on closer inspection there is a lot going on around this beautiful peninsula.

With crofting land bordering moorland there were Skylarks trilling through the skies, Wheatears searching out bugs and caterpillars in the heather, and a Thrush stand off.

Around each rocky outcrop along the coastline to Greenstone Point the views change and there is always something new to surprise you




Mallards and Greylag geese were savouring the peace ….. until we arrived!

A lazy seal wasn’t overjoyed to see us either, a few minutes spent observing us then splash, he had quickly disappeared under the water


The deep meets the wild blue yonder


In several places along the narrow track are these incredibly fertile little spots, on closer viewing they turned out to be the local otters privy, maybe we should consider scooping up the spraints and taking then home to sprinkle on the veg beds, if this is what it does to the grass we could potentially submit some record breaking veggies to the local agricultural show!!




Alongside a couple of the Otter spraints, were small holes in the ground, they were certainly too small for an Otter, possibly a rabbit has found his perfect burrow with a lush green lawn for a front garden.


An ideal lookout spot


…. with just a little bit of rock pooling


An unfortunate caterpillar being introduced to a Wheatears beak.


Resting on a small lochan we saw this little beauty, there are only 1,300 breeding pairs of Red Throated Divers in the UK, hopefully this one has a mate and breeds here.

Excuse the terrible photo’s we couldn’t get close enough and wanted to get a couple of shots in case we spooked him or her!


This was a real treat to see this bird hopefully it will keep coming back.



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