Dawdling along the shores of Wester Ross

An afternoon to spare …

The sun with his hat on …

Captivating views to drool over …

The coastline of Wester Ross is an enchanting place to roam


Sand Martins dart and swoop through the air …. a minutes rest to preen ….. then it’s up into the sky again


Lapping waters, white sand, perfect serenity



Over the rippling Minch lies the Misty Isle if you’re a norseman or maybe the Winged isle if you’re a Celt or a Roman


Grassy cliffs surround and watch over the shore


Today just wee lambs and sea pink venture onto the sands


Out on the rocks a conversation could be heard along the breeze ….

Angus : Do Ya ken what Dougal is up to?

Bruce : Och, he’s doing his Titanic routine again, he’s a few drams short of a full barrel that one!!


The water may look warm & inviting …..!


Delicate steps are needed when strolling above the tide line at this time of year

On the hunt for driftwood and just 2 steps ahead a Plover’s nest with new born chick sits snuggly in the sand


Mum a few feet away feigning injury to lure us away from the nest


A quick snap, we scurried away to let mum get back to her eggs & chick


All the colours of the rainbow beneath our toes



Cliff sides scattered with wildflowers, grasses and ferns


sea worn rocks – natures curvy chair to lounge on & wile away an afternoon watching the seabirds


Till the next dawdle ………

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