Loch Ewe & Loch Gairloch by the setting sun.

Loch Ewe

The feeling that a magical sunset brings is one of lifes joys.

That moment of being surrounded by nature and watching the beautiful landscape around you slowly change can be incredibly moving.

The sense that the setting sun has on the surrounding peaks of Beinn Airigh Charr and the Torridon mountains steadily transforms from rough, gnarly ridges to soft & gentle hillsides inviting all to stroll up their heathery slopes.

The Pines of Inverewe Gardens reach up to absorb the last warming rays.


A stag panics and races away from us, we’ve spoilt his evening taking in setting sun.

The distant moon hovers between the deepening blue and the warming orange glow.


Loch Ewe shimmering and glass like under the crystal clear sky.

In a hidden cove snorting seals lounge on their smooth rock beds watching a passing Slavonian Grebe

Loch Gairloch

Another day of uninterrupted blue overhead.

A day for leaving prints in the sand, for strolling along the waters edge, for gazing over the white crests into the far distance and for basking in the suns heat in mid November.

The Outer Hebrides teeters on a rainbow horizon.


Melvaig and it’s beach enjoy superb views over the shimmering water. The Misty Isle and the Torridon hills a silhouette in the haze of the setting sun.







Loch Gairloch shimmers in the fading light, the water taking on the warm pinks, purples and yellows of the evening sky. The twinkling lights of Gairloch drifting up the hillside.




Memorable days to treasure.


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