A summer sunrise over Gruinard Bay

With the b&b closed and no breakfasts to cook we pounced on the rare opportunity to catch a summer sunrise. So a few days before the summer solstice we set the alarm for 3.30am (aaarrrgghhh). Picnic packed & enough teabags to see us through an apocalypse just in case, we headed through the garden to the beach and rock hopped past the Salmon Bothy by Laide jetty.

A suitable perch was found so we made ourselves comfortable & awaited the first flush of the morning. With just Oystercatchers & a Shelduck for company it feels enchanting to be beside the quietly rippling water admiring the way the light flutters over the surface.

A beautiful sunrise that we happily watched for over 3 hours.

Gruinard Bay with the Coigachs, Stac Polly, Suilven, Quinag, Foinaven in the far distance, the beautiful islands of the Summer Isles to the left and the tip of Gruinard Island to the right just before the sun hit the horizon and turned the sky the most amazing colour.IMG_3119


Wow, what a sunrise. Quinag range, on the left of the photo in the distance is Foinaven 100 miles north near KinlochbervieIMG_3135


A shelduck escaping the crowds, well just the two of us actually!



Quinag to the left, Suilven in the centre and a wee peek of Stac Polly to the right.IMG_3159

The CoigachsIMG_3184

Suilven with incredible cloud formationsIMG_3199




Sunrays over the CoigachsIMG_3226

A dawn mist creeping along Loch Broom beneath the CoigachsIMG_3240

A hazy Beinn GhobhlachIMG_3231

And to finish off the tranquillity of the morning – an Otter’s rear end! it kindly hopped onto a rock to devour it’s catch in front of us but declined to give us a frontal view.IMG_3138

An incredible morning in a spectacular place. Can’t wait to do it again.





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