From Snow to Sunshine


A very quiet Mellon Udrigle Beach


Snowy An Teallach


Huge amount of seaweed on the shore

What a difference a day makes. An Teallach is shrouded in cloud & still has a thick snowy blanket but the snow is starting to disappear from Sail Mhor. The winds that we had yesterday afternoon have brought a fair bit of seaweed onto the shore

It’s almost bank holiday weekend & it’s a beautiful day, a slightly chilly north westerly but the sun is shining, there are patches of blue sky & Mellon Udrigle beach is deserted, just me and a wagtail for company.


A single Oystercatcher chilling on a rock at Mellon Udrigle with just a little sprinkling of snow left on Suilven in the distance. A good day to be on the hills.

Spaniel a little too excited about the Snow

Well it’s almost May & we’ve woken to Snow that’s thicker than any snow we had over winter. ¬†Our 12 year old spaniel seems to enjoy the weather but unfortunately for his joints he still thinks he’s 2!!!!

An Teallach, Sail Mhor & Beinn Ghoblach all have a good thick covering today & with the sun reflecting on Gruinard Bay it’s quite spectacular but just remind us again, is it Spring???????

Over the last couple of days we’ve watched what we think is either a Willow Warbler or a Chiff Chaff, if it stays still long enough we might be able to take a pic so we can see what it is. Watch this space!!