Rainbows, Eagles & Hawks

Monday started with some pretty ominous skies. Moody and impressive but finished off with a corker.

As the sun went down there was a pretty spectacular rainbow over Gruinard Bay & Laide.



The views from the house change on a daily basis & most of them stop us in our tracks.


The garden birds got the fright of their lives a couple of days ago, one minute they were enjoying an alfresco supper the next they were off & hidden in the bushes as a shadow appeared over the house from the huge flying barn door!!!!! aka a White Tailed Sea Eagle. By the time we had managed to get the camera out it had covered a mile or two & was just a dot in the distance, soaring over the bay.


The poor birds were again making a dash for it the next day when low & behold in flew a Sparrowhawk, it perched on the garden fence post for a few seconds, realised everyone had scarpered and so flew away to find some other unsuspecting victims. As you can see from the big blank space, we didn’t get to the camera in time.

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